Love Lessons From Real Chicks!

<pLove Lessons from Real Chicks

Sometimes the best advice comes from women who are living, thinking, and dating at the same time. So here are the assortment of brilliant tips.

1. Flirt like crazy – even if your attached. The male attention is good for your ego

2. Always set aside some quality alone time. That way you won’t get sick of him

3. Passion doesn’t have to involve lots of drama, declaration of undying devotion and feeling happy, secure and stable with the guy you’re seeing doesn’t mean he’s boring, it means he’s someone you should hold on to.

4. Be on the lookout for a guy who can tear it up on the dancefloor.

5. Save the little things when you first start dating. When you realize he’s a keeper, you’ll be glad you have them – you can enjoy the bonfire if he turns out to be a total jerk.

6.Why go on a date with a guy you know you don’t like for the sake of going on a date? it’s a waste of your time and his.

7. Bitch your guy out when he pisses you off. Showing him you have enough self respect to stand up to him is a turn on.

8. Try new things with your man.

9.When all your friends dislike the guy your dating. It;s probably because he’s a creep and they’re picking up on things that might take months or even years to take he blinders off and recognize.

10. If a guy’s mom still shop for his toiletries and makes his doctor’s appointments, don’t bank on a future with him taking flights. TRUST ME!

11.Realize that chicks who can’t stand to be single clearly have a self respect problem.

12.You should never be with someone because they make you happy. He should make you happier but not be your only source of contentment.

13.Don;t hang up on jerk because you feel guilty you went too far for him and too fast.

14. Don’t bother holding on to maybe’s because most of the time they turn out to be not’s.

15. The saying ” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me ” should be a your bumper to bumper sticker.

16. If a guy tells you he’s not ready for a girlfriend, believe him. In mind he’s already spelled out that he’s not interested in a commitment.

17. Keep a few secrets. Your BF does have to know everything-like you think that he’s brother is hot as hell. HAHA!

18. Know matter how good a guy looks if you’re not attracted to him, stop talking your self into a relationship.

19. If he tells you he can’t remember the last time he fooled around with his ex-girlfriend, it probably means he cheated on you with her.

20. If a guy says I love you and you’re not ready to say it back, smile and shut him up with a kiss rather than crushing his ego with an ” I know “

21. Appreciating the same things is crucial! It’s not, the key is having a real interest in something. A guy who’s favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Van wilder might get a second chance and one’s who read Pride and Prejudice even times i a total wimp.

22. SEX should be fun- act goofy, make noise laugh.

23. Bond with boys but remember they’re his friends.

24. There are somethings in a relationship that is better left unsaid. For instance, you don’t like his mother.

25. Don’t drunk text him ever! You might end up telling the whole secret thing.

26. No matter what guy has been through. there’s no excuse for him to take it out to you.

27. Being in a serious relationship is not a license to boycott the gym and stop shaving your legs.

28. If you don’t click on the sack, you have a friendship, not a relationship. GREAT SEX IS THE KEY.

29. Sure you can change your own flat tire or program your DVR, but ask your guy for help. Letting him show off will make him feel like a stud.

30. Don’t let the dating ” rule ” rules your relationship.

31. Remember it’s not always you, men have moods too.

32. If you have to have a few drink to loosen up around a guy, something is fundamentally wrong.

33. Yeah! it’s nice to be worshiped. But if you date a guy who puts you up on a pedestal and lets you get away with the murder, eventually you’ll respect of him.

34. LOOKS MATTER LESS. Of course, you have to be attracted to a person, but i find funny, smart, creative so much sexier now!

35. if you don’t like yourself so is he. CONFIDENCE IS SO HOT!

ALLOW THE GUY TO TAKE CARE OF YOU when you’re sick. He’ll still think you’re adorable as hell… even with a runny nose.


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