How to get a BoyFriend?

Get a life, get a Boyfriend

5 Philosophies you need to enhance your life-and ultimately find love

Don’t waste the pretty    Don’t waste your time    Move on to better ground

1.If you PARTY he will come

Instead of just having fun at a bar or dinner with friends try seize the opportunity to meet potential guys at night. make sure you look good all the time. Focus on your own fun and men will start to come up and on with you. just begin to have fun and you won’t be able to keep guys from pounding on your door. plus if you’re genuinely busy and enjoying yourself, there will be windows of opportunity for you to meet other people.

2. Don’t put your Life on hold.

Double standards are alive and kicking. Cool guys get their rocks off, good girls hold out for a rock.

Don’t wait for prince charming to magically appear in your life before start doing the things you want to do. Good things can start happening right now.

3. Ditch the myth of ” THE ONE “

Yes I know, We’ve been talking about finding your soul mate since the beginning of time. Nothings wrong with that but don’t be carried away. There are many ONES we will encounter in our life. It’s very romantic to think that there is someone special person out there, and it’s your job to find him. But that myth has actually created much more unhappiness than happiness.

4. Work out what makes you happy, rather than who

Learn to use the present time to discover what-not who-makes you laugh, cry, excited, fulfilled. Find your own rhythm. only on your own-not through somebody else-can you truly figure out what your goals are, what you want and what you need.

Singleness is a vital stage to learn about responsibility and self sufficiency, to identify who we are and figure out our true desires. It would be sorely needed in relationship training.

5. Find out what’s special about your life now.

You can’t get the hang of relationship stuff until you figure out what’s special about the single phase.

Your life happens now, today, and is not a dress rehearsal for when you have a relationship. Not being in a relationship should stop you from living your chosen life. ” Living the life you want now enlivens and energizes you.

making the most out of single means taking advantage of freedom to create a lifestyle that is advantageous, exciting and rewarding for you.


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