How to be a Romantic Date?

 How to be a romantic date?

Guy’s don’t like talking out girls who are too hard or too easy to please. Do you strike the perfect balance?

1.Your the author of a dating manual. What advice would you give for a first or second date?

a. Suggest trying something new to you both.
b. Go along with his plan either it’s beer or pizza
c. Hint that you like him to take you to the latest trendy restaurant.

2.The ideal date topic is?

a. His hobbies and career goals.
b. Trading vacation stories.
c. What’s going on in your life.

3.How far in advance does a guy need to ask you out?

a. A few hours before he shows up.
b. At least a week.
c. A couple of days.

4.The number one purpose of a date is to?

a. See if your compatible.
b. Get him to like you.
c. Come off as totally irresistible

5.Your coworker wants to set you up with a guy friend of hers who isn’t your type. You :

a. Accept
b. Say your just interested with tall and athletic guys
c. Go with an open mind but don’t see him if theres no spark.

6.For a date you’ll wear :

a. Jeans and cute top
b. What you think he’d like
c. A dress and full makeup of course

7.You go out with a stud you’re smitten with… then he falls off the planet. you:

a. Shoot him a friendly e-mail
b.Wonder how to turn him off
c. Figure he was intimidated by you

8.At the end of the first fab date. You say :

a. I’m really busy but call me
b. Sure I had a great time tonight
c. Here’s my digits… I’m around.

9.Physically how far do you usually go with the guy by the second date?

a. Sometimes you’ll get hot and heavy if it feels right.
b. It’s not like you plan it, but you wine up sleeping with him if he begs.
c. You’ll kiss him. You’ll test how long he is willing to wait.

1.  a-1  b-2  c-3
2.  a-3  b-2  c-1
3.  a-2  b-1  c-3
4.  a-1  b-3  c-2
5.  a-1  b-2  c-2
6.  a-2  b-0  c-1
7.  a-3  b-2  c-1
8.  a-2  b-1  c-3
9.  a-2  b-3  c-1


Demanding Date

The problem? You’ll either scare off great guys or attract a very passive man with whom you’ll eventually get bored because he doesn’t assert himself.

So how do you soften your high maintenance attitude? You need more reasonable expectations on a date.

Start by being more flexible. If he doesn’t show up with flowers or downgrades the date with a b-ball game, don’t label him a loser who isn’t trying hard enough. View it as a chance to see a more relaxed side of each other. Also give yourself a reality check.


Desirable Date

Honey your the total date package. Optimistic and open to trying new things, whether it is exotic cuisine or wall climbing. you also have the right mind set. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in a cafe or a fancy restaurant.

Still, that doesn’t mean that your totally anything goes. while your open to going out with a guy who may not fit with your specifications, you have no problem saying no to a second date. If a guy switches plans on you at the last minute, you’ll be open to it but make your needs known. No wonder why your PDA is probably packed with date nights and eligible dude’s digits.


Desperate Date

You’re so concerned with accommodating any man that you rarely make a memorable impression or get what you want out of a date. You dress in what a guy would like, shrug it off if he only calls last minute, and hook up simply because he begs.

To have more gratifying dates, get out of guy-pleasing modes. you need  to figure out your needs and wants and make them known.

Lastly, start to make control of your availability factor. Next time a guy calls you at the last minute( again ), don;t drop your plans for fear he’ll ditch you out and go out with another girl. If he wants you, he;ll make the effort to call you again.


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