Smirks on Faces : Confession Stories 1

Confessions  : Sex Stories One

Clean Sweep 

My boyfriend and I decided to have a quickie on the kitchen counter before we went out to watch a movie. As we got hot and heavy, we realize that we didn’t have a condom so my boyfriend just grabbed the kitchen rag beside us. We got dressed just in time to greet my dad who just came home from work. We left for the movies with a smirk on our faces, thinking were able to get away with it. Karma hit us, though : When we got home, we were surprise to see the apartment sparkling clean. turn out my dad had wiped everything with  the rag. ( From a 25 year old student. )

Employee Bonding

Our company held an out of town team building party at the beach. After a long day of games and activities, I felt really tired during the drive back to the city. I innocently leaned on the shoulder of a guy colleague so I could rest. Imagine my surprise when he suddenly took my hand and place it on his lap- so I could feel he’s hard on! I couldn’t resist and slipped my hand into his pants. I gave him a hand job while pretending I was asleep. the clincher? My other office mates were in the same vehicle, and he was talking to them through out the ride as if nothing is going on! As soon as we were back in town, we ditched our office mates and headed to the nearest motel to finish the job. ( 27, marketing assistant )

Fear Factor

One night, my friends, my boyfriend and I were cooped up in my room. We were checking our e-mail and after downloading this program, we all got freaked out to see the frightening face of sadako in the screen. My guy cuddled up to me just to make sure I was okay. But we quickly got hot for each other. We immediately began fooling around when my friends left. My parents knocked on my door to checked on me and hurriedly hid inside the closet after gathering all his clothes. I just told them that everyone left early because i wanted to sleep. ( 22, student )

Under the Table

One evening, i joined my boyfriend for dinner at home with his mom. I noticed that my guy was so behave that night, so I decided to tease him. I stretched my leg under the table, slid my toes to his shorts and through his legs. I began to feel him get hot and easily turned on, making me even more excited. just as we were both enjoying the moment, I ended up a cramp and began to stop. he tried reaching me out and feel me with his foot, but ended up feeling the wrong leg! His mom ask him what he was doing and he just made an excuse and said he was just trying to stretch his legs. When he just gave us both questioning looks, my smile broke into laughter. it was such a classic R-rated moment! ( 26 , english tutor )

The Other Woman

I was fooling around with my boyfriend in bed when we heard a loud female voice outside his house. It was her former girlfriend and she was at the gate looking for him. his helper who was rather helpful, told my guy ti hide inside and that she’d tell the girlfriend that he wasn’t home. the girlfriend being so ever annoying, decided to just wait in the living room for him. while the two of us  waited for her to leave, we snuck into his bathroom and had the steamiest sex while taking a shower. It was hard for us to stay quite since we were aroused to death from the trill of it all. And just so you know, the living room was just outside. ( 20, student )


Gay Wonders

The female member of my friends were talking about a bachelor bash. They keep giggling and talking about how they wanted to meet all these new people. Since I was totally clueless, I told them I wanted to come so I could possibly snag a date for myself, thinking it was a bash for bachelors. they just looked at me and laugh. turns out, it was a runway show of half naked men. it was bad enough that they were already wondering if I was gay or not before it happened. Now, they still tease me about it and use it as evidence that I’m leaning more towards the other side. ( 30, editor )


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