It’s one of nature’s harshest jokes: Some women can scarf down any megacalorie food they want and not gain a single ounce, while the rest of us only have to look at a cheeseburger to feel our jeans tighten. Yeah, it’s hard not to envy those eat-what-they-want chicks, especially when it comes to their bodies’ metabolism: the biochemical process that converts food into calories and then burns them off as energy.

These girls seem to be blessed with one that’s fast and efficient, something we’ve been told we can’t control. But, you cancontrol your metabolism, as more and more research is showing. How? With little tricks that help your body burn calories faster while you’re at play and at rest Check out these research-backed tips and adopt a few or all nine–either way, you’ll see results.

1. Dine exotically.

Chili pepper and mustard seed–two spices often found in Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian cuisines–can help your body burn extra calories, thanks to a compound in each called Capsaicin, says Fernstrom. One study found that when people consumed nearly one teaspoon of mustard and almost one teaspoon of chili sauce, their metabolism surged an average of 25 percent. Adding that spicy taste and sensation to your meal may help keep you from overeating, says Leslie J. Bonci, MPH, RD, director of sports-medicine nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

2. Switch up your cardio.

Interval training–alternating bursts of high-intensity activity–revs your metabolism even more than cardio alone does. How to do it: Push yourself as hard as you can for three minutes, then slow to a more comfortable pace for three minutes. Trade off higher- with lower-intensity exercise four times per 30-minute workout, says Wayne Westcott, PhD, fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Massachusetts.

3. Have a cool drink.

Being dehydrated slows down all your body functions, including metabolism, says Bonci. So, keep it steady with at least eight glasses of water each day; more than that may even increase your metabolic rate. And, make them icy: Drinking cold water may further up your ability to burn calories, as your body needs extra energy to heat it.

4. Savor tea or java.

Research suggests that EGCG, an antioxidant in some hot or iced teas, can kick-start your body’s engine. One study showed that when women consumed 10 ounces–about the size of a mug–of oolong or green tea, their metabolism increased by 10 percent and 4 percent, respectively, for two hours. Tea also contains caffeine, which gives your metabolism a slight nudge. Other caffeine-rich options are coffee, energy drinks, and some sodas.

5. Pump iron.

Another muscle-mass booster (and thus, calorie burner) is resistance training: working with free weights or weight machines. After 10 weeks of basic strength-training two or three times a week, your resting metabolic rate could go up by six percent, so you’d burn an extra 75 to 100 calories per day, says Westcott. To build muscle, do at least one set (that is, 12 to 15 reps) of exercises per 30-minute workout targeting your thighs, back, abs, shoulders, arms, and calves. Try to work up to two to three sets per session.

6. Load up on the Bs.

“B vitamins are the oil that greases the wheels of your metabolic engine,” says Mark Hyman, MD, of the Institute For Functional Medicine and author of Ultrametabolism. These include B6 (found in eggs and fish), B12 (found in beef, salmon, and sardines), Thiamin (found in brown rice and pork), Niacin (found in chicken, tuna, and whole wheat), and Folate (found in lentils, okra, and spinach). “If you can’t get these five from your diet, take a multivitamin,” he says.

7. Chow down first thing.

“After eight or so hours of not eating, your metabolism is stalled,” explains Molly Kimball, RD, CSSD, sports dietitian at Ochsners’ Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans. “Breakfast is the fuel that will stoke your metabolism again.” A smart morning meal should have a 50-30-20 ratio: 50 percent complex carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, and 20 percent fat.

No time? C’mon, even the busiest chick can whip up something. Think peanut butter on whole-wheat toast or cottage cheese and fruit. If you’re super crunched, make a smoothie or parfait with low-fat yogurt, protein powder, fruit, and nuts.

8. Pile on the protein.

Protein is a powerful calorie torcher. First, digesting protein takes more energy than digesting carbs or fat does, says Kimball. Also, consuming protein helps you build and maintain muscle mass–the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest. In addition, eating protein makes you absorb sugar more slowly, so your blood sugar doesn’t soar–and then plunge–after a sugary snack. So, try to get 30 percent of your daily calories from protein-rich foods: lean fish, beef, poultry, skim milk, non-fat yogurt, eggs, beans, and nuts.

9. Eat often, just smaller.

You would think that drastically cutting back on your daily calorie intake would be the secret to melting away pounds. After all, the less you ingest, the fewer calories your body has to burn, right? But, it doesn’t work that way. Scaling down your caloric count too severely tricks your system into thinking that food is scarce, prompting your metabolism to freeze…and your body to hang on to its fat preserves.

On the other hand, if you eat more often rather than less, your metabolism gets fired up and stays elevated all day long, burning calories. “The very act of eating gets your metabolism going because your body has to break down the food during digestion, and that requires energy,” says Bonci. By consuming five or so smaller, 300-to-500-calorie healthy meals about every four hours, your metabolism will chug along strong all day long without stalling, explains Dr. Hyman.




Curb Your Cravings With These

There are no magic foods but there are foods that, because of heir taste, texture or density, can help you lose weight. That’s the idea behind the following foods which trick your body into feeling satisfied with far less fat and fewer calories than it;s used to:

SWEET POTATOES. While baked potatoes cry out for butter or sour cream, sweet potatoes have a naturally rich taste and creamy texture. Delicious plain, they have only 20 calories and are loaded with beta carotene.

SALSA. Sidetracked by salsa’s tongue startling flavor, your mouth wont’ miss greasy condiments. Try it instead     of mayonnaise on sandwiches or as a marinade for chicken and fish.

HIGH FIBER CEREALS. By providing bulk, these cereals fill you up on relatively few calories. One study showed that people who started the day with high fiber cereals consumed fewer calories 3 1/2 hours later than did people who ate low or no fiber cereals. But look for cereals low in sugar and pour on skim milk instead of whole.

CINNAMON – RAISIN BAGELS. Like cereals most breads have bulk going for them. Cinnamon raisin bagels are a particular standout since they’re sweet enough to make it easy forgo fattening spreads. The only caveat : go for small to medium sized bagels. Large ones can have as many calories as four slices of bread.

FLAVORED SELTZERS. Don’t mistake thirst for hunger. when you feel the urge to eat, try having a drink first. For those who find plain water a bore, flavored no-calorie seltzers are good.

GRAPES. Sitting on a sofa making your way through a bag of cookies may seem tempting after a hard day. Eat grapes instead. They’re high in sugar but as long as you don’t overdo it, they offer the same soothing hand to mouth action with none of the fat. try them frozen too.

ORANGES. The more slowly you eat, the easier it is to recognized your body’s satiety signals. And what snack takes longer than peeling and sectioning an orange? Because they come in the fiber intact, they’re more filling than orange juice. Besides an orange has only 73 calories, a cup of oranges juice has 120.

AIR – POPPED POPCORN. If quantity affects the quality of your eating experience, consider that four cups of air-popped popcorn have only 100 calories and gram of fat. Compare that to potato chips – four cups weigh in at about 600 calories and have 40 grams of fat. Sprinkle the popcorn with hit sauce or dried herbs and a teaspoon of cheese and enjoy.

CANDY BAR. To avoid binges, it’s important to indulge yourself once in while. The occasional candy bar is a good choice for sweet tooth cravings because it’s individually packaged and thus less risky than cake or ice cream.

Confessions ” Dirty Deeds Stories 2 “

Sex Stories : Steamiest Secrets and Embarrassing Experiences

Funky Flasher

I bought a frilly skirt, which all my friends thought was too short to wear to work. Since I already planned my whole outfit, I decided to disregard their opinion and use it for work anyway. I noticed my boss and several colleagues checking me out, so i felt pretty good about my self. Right after our lunch break, I was scheduled to meet with a client, and i went to the restroom to freshen up first. I walked hurriedly to the meeting room afterwards, until some tapped me on the shoulder. I turn around to find one of my female office mate. She leaned closer, and whispered that my skirt was tucked into my underwear. I really gave the whole office something to talk about that day.

Sudden Shocks

I just arrived from the province, so my guy picked me up from the airport and took me to his place. As soon as we got there, we went straight to his room. He pulled me towards him and begun kissing me passionately. Since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. the kissing quickly progressed to groping and intense foreplay. Right before he was about to enter me, a cockroach from the ceiling landed on his back. We both have fear of cockroaches, so we started screaming and tried to shoo it away. Once we successfully  killed the pesky cockroach, we continued to do the deed and had the steamiest sex ever.

Perils of Technology

I have been crushing on this guy for the longest time, and we’d go out every so often. I thought things were headed towards commitment. One day, I got a really flirty and passionate text from him. it described a lot of things that we should do together. I was really excited about his message, so I replied right away and told him all the things I wanted to do to him. As it turns out, the message he sent was from his girlfriend, and he was forwarding it to his buddies,

A Skills-Based Exam

My boyfriend and I were scheduled to have an exam, so we made sure we get to school ahead of time. We arrived really early, so we begun reviewing every thing we had to learn for the test. It wasn’t long before he got horny and started to talk dirty to me. We hurriedly went to the top floor of the building to make out.After a couple of minutes I finally gave in, and we did it dogie style. the thrill of getting caught added to the excitement, that we ended up climaxing after about a minute. The best part was I got the highest score on our exam.

Calling In Sick

My boyfriend called me up one time to let me know he was suffering from a high fever. I hurriedly went to his place to check up on him. When I got there, he begun complaining about feeling cold , so I pulled him closer and hugged him. His body heat made me feel so horny that I asked him to lie down and started to undress him. The fact that I was in control was a huge turn on fro both of us, and we came together. It was the most hard pounding and exciting sex we’ve ever had.

Losing Weight : Metabolism Boosters

Health Report


Sad Fact : Losing weight gets harder with age because your metabolism just isn’t what it used to be. Here, some tips to speed up your metabolism and encourage faster weight loss.


B vitamins help keep your metabolism running high, so you naturally burn more calories. The Bs are found in lean meats, colorful veggies, beans, grains, and fish.

A daily multivitamins or a bowl of B-fortified cereal will help you meet your daily quota.


A healthy morning meal sparks your body’s natural calorie burning power, and it keeps your appetite controlled all day long. Any food combo that contains complex carbs with protein, such as eggs on whole grain toast is ideal.


The more active you are, the more calories you burn. no time in your schedule for heart pumping exercise? Small, frequent motions like walking, stretching and even fidgeting will help keep your calorie burning engine rewed all day long.


here’s one way to end your summer with a bang. See some improvements in your midsection in as little as two weeks with these pointers.

Develop a Better Diet.

Beat the bloat by steering clearly of salty foods, and avoid fast food lards and preservatives by sticking to slow cooked home fare. Eating fresh veggies also helps, since it bust the bad stuff out of your system with antioxidants. Another reason why you should make veggies a part of your daily meals. they fill you up and keep you from eating more.

Keep up the Cardio

There’s no quicker way to lose the tummy than by staying faithful to daily cardio.
If you don’t run regularly, get started by doing 15 minutes of brisk walking for the first five days. in the second week, walk for 3 minutes and run for 2 minutes, then repeat three times, totaling to 15 minutes of cardio. Work your way up to 30 minute runs at least four times a week.

Do Some Strength Training

The fact of the matter is you keep burning calories an hour after you’ve finished a strength training workout. Simple abdominal work should do the trick. Try the stomach vacuum by standing upright, pulling your stomach in, and holding it as long as possible. Do this three times. opposite crunches are also an option. Lie on the floor with your knees bent, and crunch your elbow on the opposite knee, left elbow to right knee, and right elbow to left knee. Do it slowly to feel the burn.


Eat a 250 calorie protein snack after exercising to replenish blood sugar, and prevent muscle from breaking down.

Beauty Picks : Skin Safety Campaign

The Importance of  Using Sunscreen Daily

Sunlight can stress the skin and cause damage. The amount of exposure to the sun and elements in the environment, especially ultraviolet radiation (UVR), dictates how old your skin will look.

Where does UVR come from?

Sunlight is a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, 50% is visible light (what we see), 45% is infrared and UV is 5%. UV light is further divided into three groups : UVC, UVB and UVA.

UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer and doesn’t reach the ground.
UVB is the primary cause of sunburn and skin cancer.
UVA, on the other hand, represents 90% of the total UVR reaching the earth surface.
UVA penetrates deeper into the skin to cause skin darkening, and penetrates most deeply into the eyes and cause degeneration of the retina, UVA is present all day and throughout the year and can reach the skin even through windows.

What will happen if I go out in the sun often?

Consequences of sun exposure includes sunburn, darkening of freckles, premature aging or photo aging of the skin like coarse wrinkling, yellow hue, laxity, thickening and furrowing of the skin, telangiectasia, solar keratoses, cataracts, and skin cancers. Thu, the most commonly affected are the exposed areas like neck, face, forearms and back of the hands. About 90% of the unwanted changes are because of photoaging.


Using sunscreen prevents skin damage and skin cancer,

 Can we protect out skin from photoaging?

Photoprotection or the single most cost effective therapy for photoaging which includes:

SUN AVOIDANCE – you have to limit sun exposure during peak UV times , between 10 am to 4 pm and avoid UV reflective surfaces such as the sand and water.

PHYSICAL PROTECTION – you can wear a broad brimmed hat ( at least 4 inches ) or long sleeve shirt.
You can also use dark colored umbrellas or UV blocking films or windows.

USE OF SUNSCREEN PRODUCTS  has been advocated by dermatologist as a means to reduced skin damage due to sunlight.

What Exactly does a Sunscreen do? How is it different from a Sunblock?

Sunscreens do not only prevent photodamage ( damage because of UVR ), they also allow repair of the skin. These products increase the skin’s natural mechanisms to fight the harmful effects of UVR. The term “sunblock”  is commonly used to refer to sunscreen  and their active ingredients. Today, the US Food and Drug Administration sunscreen monograph does not sanction the term because the consumers might be misled into thinking that the product completely blocks all sunlight.

What do you mean by SPF in the labels of the sunscreen bottles?

The Sun Protection Factor ( SPF ) scale that you see is the protection to UVB, but it does not give you enough protection against UVA, so spf alone is not enough for complete protection. Thus, when choosing a sunscreen, look for the one that has both UVB ( SPF ) and UVA ( Star System ) protection.

The 4 categories of UVB sunburn protection products :
          Low           SPF  20 to < 15
          Medium     SPF  15 to < 30
          High           SPF   30 to 50
          Highest       SPF   > 50

The UVA Sunscreen rating is the Star System. the rating is as follows :

          UVA rating                      Persistent Pigment Darkening
          Low 1*                            2 – < 4 hours
          Medium 2**                    4 – < 8 hours
          High 3 ***                      8 – < 12 hours
          Highest 4****                12 or above
         Good Protection is 4 stars

The combination of UVB and UVA filters contained in the sunscreen will provide broad spectrum photoprotection. Your dermatologist can provide you with this information.

How much sunscreen should you apply?

The Teaspoon Rule of Sunscreen Application .

Use half a teaspoon each on neck and head , right arm and the left arm.

use more than a teaspoon on the upper and lower torso, right leg and left leg.

When should sunscreen be applied?

Sunscreen should be applied on expose areas 15 to 30 minutes before going out into the sun. Reapply to expose sites 15 – 30 minutes after sun exposure begins. Further reapplication is advised every 2 – 4 hours after vigorous activities that remove sunscreen such as swimming, toweling or excessive sweating and rubbing.

When are the sunscreen preparation available for use?

Sunscreens are available in a variety of preparations and lotions are the most popular. Creams are more water resistant and provide higher SPF protection. Gels are none greasy, good for oily skin or when sweating. Sticks are the most water resistant, good for the lips or around the eyes and best for sensitive skin. Aerosols are the best for the body.


The regiment of Overall Protection includes :

Sunglasses to protect the eyes
Protective clothing
Avoid midday sun
Regular use of broad-spectrum ( UVB and UVA ) sunscreens – everyday, even if you will stay indoors.

Beauty Q & A…. YOUniverse


Q. Even if I always warn him about the harsh rays, my hubby hates putting on thick and sticky sunscreen. What’s an alternative he’ll like?

We so know how that goes : Guys can definitely get hard-headed about protection, all kinds of protection, that is. But, derma cautions, the sun’s rays are more harmful than ever, so it’s important to always shield up. ” Introduce your hubby to today’s spray on alternatives. They’re light on the skin and offer the protection he needs as he struts his half naked body on the beach.

Slick and itch free – just the way hair and scalp are supposed to be

Q. I can’t stand it when my hair gets greasy and my scalp gets super itchy. HELP! The discomfort has to stop now!

While it isn’t a common plight among adult women, make sure that your discomfort isn’t cause by head lice. Head lice aren’t dangerous per se, but they’re contagious and annoying. Get an effective shampoo combo that treats lice. If lice isn’t the culprit, you might want to start using a mild anti-dandruff shampoo.

If the itchiness is caused by excessive grease, use a shampoo that frees strands of deposit and scalp of build up. If you don,t shampoo your hair daily, I suggest that you ass more hair washes to your weekly regimen until the itching stops

Q. How should I style my hair, so it looks cute under a hat?

It’s best to protect yourself from harmful rays, especially when your milking the rest of the summer. But, how do you avoid flat hair or messy dents? A low side bun is sexy and prevents hat head. Part your hair as usual, then push it forward, over one shoulder. make a pony tail under your ear, twist and wrap hair loosely around the elastic, then pin it in place. BONUS : Later, you can let down your tresses for romantic waves

Q. At what age should I use which kind of eye cream?

Your eyes are one of the first places to show age. If your in your 20’s, you don’t need an aggressive formula. Look for a light depuffing option to follow those late nights.

Pictures ” How To Strike A Perfect Pose “

Let a picture paint a thousand words about you

Strike A Picture  Perfect Pose

Make Shutterbugs everywhere fall deeply in love with fab, fun and fearless you!


Think of something sexy and naughty, then let it show through your eyes. The power of an image comes from the emotion it creates. This emotion is achieved through the harmony of the eyes and lips. Both must give off a kind of smile that leave your audience blushing.


Find your most flattering angle, and play it up when you pose for photos. To hide your problem areas effectively, use body parts, clothing, or props to create illusions and break unattractive lines. A SLIMMING TIP : Bring your hands to your hips or highlight that drool-worthy form.


The best way to look good in a photo is to pose naturally. If you are to appear natural and relaxed, then the poses you strike must be natural for you. Some of the best poses happen spontaneously, so enjoy the camera, and stay stunningly posed and relaxed.


De-Stress While You Sleep

We may lose an hour of shut-eye due to work but you can still max out your zzz’s. Simply so something active, like going for a walk, between five and seven pm . That way, all those stress busting endorphins  will be at the optimum level when you hit the sack.

The Weight-Loss Expert

Satisfy Your Hunger

You’re about to learn four different secrets of the weight loss industry that most people don’t know. 

First, every diet uses the same principle to cause weight loss, dieters take in fewer kilo joules than they burn as fuel.

Second, there are three chief ways of using diet to lose weight, restricting proportions, adopting a high protein, low-carbohydrate diet, or eating a high-carbohydrate, low fat diet

Third and most dismal little secret is that the first two programmes  don’t usually work for healthy, sustained weight loss. While a portion controlled diet can lead to weight loss, it requires tremendous discipline to maintain it.

Fourth Secret, a high-carb or low fat diet can work, but only if you do it right. What I call the calorie density solution identifies an important reason why so many people who follow high-carbohydrate , low fat eating plans still can’t lose weight.


A great number of weight loss programmes ask us to deny our hunger drive. It is a self defeating quest that, as many of us have experienced, eventually fails.

The key to permanent weight loss is finding a way to fill up your stomach, satisfy your hunger and still shed those excess kilos.

And that’s where the calorie density solution comes in.
Your stomach holds between one and two kilos of food. The feeling of fullness in the stomach is created largely by the volume of your food, rather than it’s kilojoule content.

By adding foods to each meal, you can increase volume while reducing kilojoule density. This runs counter to most peoples belief that weight loss programmes work by eliminating foods and also by cutting back on portions.

ADD VEGETABLES and FRUITS ; add strawberries, bananas or apples. Mix salsa with bean dip and scoop it up with carrot and celery sticks.

Most likely you’ll be hungry again 2 or 3 hours after a low kilo joule dense meal or snack. the solution is to eat another one.

As with any weight loss programme, however, consult your doctor first if you plan to loose more than seven kilos, have health problems or are taking medications.


1. Make whole unprocessed grains, vegetables, beans and fruits the main stay of your food plan. Add small amounts of animal protein. lean meat or fish or poultry.

2. Until you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, steer clear of dry foods such as breads, crackers, pretzels, and other flour products.

3.Avoid foods that contain significant amounts of fat.

4. To loose weight, eat more, not less, fruits or vegetables

5. Eat your kilo joules don’t drink them. Fruit juices and alcoholic beverages contributes kilo joules without creating a sense of fullness.

6. Eat water instead of drinking it. Food such as beans, whole grains and whole wheat pasta absorb most of the water they’re cooked in and they’re rich in fiber.

Drinking enough water is necessary for good health but as dieting strategy simply drinking water won’t appease your hunger.

7. Sequence your food selections during meals. Eat the foods that have the lowest kilo joules density first. Salads with fat free dressings, steamed vegetables and broth based vegetables soups will fill you up and leave less room in your stomach for higher kilo joule dense foods.

8. Eat frequently. Three full meals a day, along with 2 or 3 low kilo joule dense snacks between meals will control hunger.

9. Avoid refined sugar, satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit.

10. BOOST YOUR METABOLISM! To boost metabolism and burn more kilo joules, walk three or four kilometers per day at a moderate pace over a 30 – 40 minute period.

BEST OF ALL, while helping you lose weight, the calorie density solution can also improve your energy and promote your health