Pictures ” How To Strike A Perfect Pose “

Let a picture paint a thousand words about you

Strike A Picture  Perfect Pose

Make Shutterbugs everywhere fall deeply in love with fab, fun and fearless you!


Think of something sexy and naughty, then let it show through your eyes. The power of an image comes from the emotion it creates. This emotion is achieved through the harmony of the eyes and lips. Both must give off a kind of smile that leave your audience blushing.


Find your most flattering angle, and play it up when you pose for photos. To hide your problem areas effectively, use body parts, clothing, or props to create illusions and break unattractive lines. A SLIMMING TIP : Bring your hands to your hips or highlight that drool-worthy form.


The best way to look good in a photo is to pose naturally. If you are to appear natural and relaxed, then the poses you strike must be natural for you. Some of the best poses happen spontaneously, so enjoy the camera, and stay stunningly posed and relaxed.


De-Stress While You Sleep

We may lose an hour of shut-eye due to work but you can still max out your zzz’s. Simply so something active, like going for a walk, between five and seven pm . That way, all those stress busting endorphins  will be at the optimum level when you hit the sack.


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