Beauty Q & A…. YOUniverse


Q. Even if I always warn him about the harsh rays, my hubby hates putting on thick and sticky sunscreen. What’s an alternative he’ll like?

We so know how that goes : Guys can definitely get hard-headed about protection, all kinds of protection, that is. But, derma cautions, the sun’s rays are more harmful than ever, so it’s important to always shield up. ” Introduce your hubby to today’s spray on alternatives. They’re light on the skin and offer the protection he needs as he struts his half naked body on the beach.

Slick and itch free – just the way hair and scalp are supposed to be

Q. I can’t stand it when my hair gets greasy and my scalp gets super itchy. HELP! The discomfort has to stop now!

While it isn’t a common plight among adult women, make sure that your discomfort isn’t cause by head lice. Head lice aren’t dangerous per se, but they’re contagious and annoying. Get an effective shampoo combo that treats lice. If lice isn’t the culprit, you might want to start using a mild anti-dandruff shampoo.

If the itchiness is caused by excessive grease, use a shampoo that frees strands of deposit and scalp of build up. If you don,t shampoo your hair daily, I suggest that you ass more hair washes to your weekly regimen until the itching stops

Q. How should I style my hair, so it looks cute under a hat?

It’s best to protect yourself from harmful rays, especially when your milking the rest of the summer. But, how do you avoid flat hair or messy dents? A low side bun is sexy and prevents hat head. Part your hair as usual, then push it forward, over one shoulder. make a pony tail under your ear, twist and wrap hair loosely around the elastic, then pin it in place. BONUS : Later, you can let down your tresses for romantic waves

Q. At what age should I use which kind of eye cream?

Your eyes are one of the first places to show age. If your in your 20’s, you don’t need an aggressive formula. Look for a light depuffing option to follow those late nights.


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