Confessions ” Dirty Deeds Stories 2 “

Sex Stories : Steamiest Secrets and Embarrassing Experiences

Funky Flasher

I bought a frilly skirt, which all my friends thought was too short to wear to work. Since I already planned my whole outfit, I decided to disregard their opinion and use it for work anyway. I noticed my boss and several colleagues checking me out, so i felt pretty good about my self. Right after our lunch break, I was scheduled to meet with a client, and i went to the restroom to freshen up first. I walked hurriedly to the meeting room afterwards, until some tapped me on the shoulder. I turn around to find one of my female office mate. She leaned closer, and whispered that my skirt was tucked into my underwear. I really gave the whole office something to talk about that day.

Sudden Shocks

I just arrived from the province, so my guy picked me up from the airport and took me to his place. As soon as we got there, we went straight to his room. He pulled me towards him and begun kissing me passionately. Since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. the kissing quickly progressed to groping and intense foreplay. Right before he was about to enter me, a cockroach from the ceiling landed on his back. We both have fear of cockroaches, so we started screaming and tried to shoo it away. Once we successfully  killed the pesky cockroach, we continued to do the deed and had the steamiest sex ever.

Perils of Technology

I have been crushing on this guy for the longest time, and we’d go out every so often. I thought things were headed towards commitment. One day, I got a really flirty and passionate text from him. it described a lot of things that we should do together. I was really excited about his message, so I replied right away and told him all the things I wanted to do to him. As it turns out, the message he sent was from his girlfriend, and he was forwarding it to his buddies,

A Skills-Based Exam

My boyfriend and I were scheduled to have an exam, so we made sure we get to school ahead of time. We arrived really early, so we begun reviewing every thing we had to learn for the test. It wasn’t long before he got horny and started to talk dirty to me. We hurriedly went to the top floor of the building to make out.After a couple of minutes I finally gave in, and we did it dogie style. the thrill of getting caught added to the excitement, that we ended up climaxing after about a minute. The best part was I got the highest score on our exam.

Calling In Sick

My boyfriend called me up one time to let me know he was suffering from a high fever. I hurriedly went to his place to check up on him. When I got there, he begun complaining about feeling cold , so I pulled him closer and hugged him. His body heat made me feel so horny that I asked him to lie down and started to undress him. The fact that I was in control was a huge turn on fro both of us, and we came together. It was the most hard pounding and exciting sex we’ve ever had.


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