Losing Weight : Metabolism Boosters

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Sad Fact : Losing weight gets harder with age because your metabolism just isn’t what it used to be. Here, some tips to speed up your metabolism and encourage faster weight loss.


B vitamins help keep your metabolism running high, so you naturally burn more calories. The Bs are found in lean meats, colorful veggies, beans, grains, and fish.

A daily multivitamins or a bowl of B-fortified cereal will help you meet your daily quota.


A healthy morning meal sparks your body’s natural calorie burning power, and it keeps your appetite controlled all day long. Any food combo that contains complex carbs with protein, such as eggs on whole grain toast is ideal.


The more active you are, the more calories you burn. no time in your schedule for heart pumping exercise? Small, frequent motions like walking, stretching and even fidgeting will help keep your calorie burning engine rewed all day long.


here’s one way to end your summer with a bang. See some improvements in your midsection in as little as two weeks with these pointers.

Develop a Better Diet.

Beat the bloat by steering clearly of salty foods, and avoid fast food lards and preservatives by sticking to slow cooked home fare. Eating fresh veggies also helps, since it bust the bad stuff out of your system with antioxidants. Another reason why you should make veggies a part of your daily meals. they fill you up and keep you from eating more.

Keep up the Cardio

There’s no quicker way to lose the tummy than by staying faithful to daily cardio.
If you don’t run regularly, get started by doing 15 minutes of brisk walking for the first five days. in the second week, walk for 3 minutes and run for 2 minutes, then repeat three times, totaling to 15 minutes of cardio. Work your way up to 30 minute runs at least four times a week.

Do Some Strength Training

The fact of the matter is you keep burning calories an hour after you’ve finished a strength training workout. Simple abdominal work should do the trick. Try the stomach vacuum by standing upright, pulling your stomach in, and holding it as long as possible. Do this three times. opposite crunches are also an option. Lie on the floor with your knees bent, and crunch your elbow on the opposite knee, left elbow to right knee, and right elbow to left knee. Do it slowly to feel the burn.


Eat a 250 calorie protein snack after exercising to replenish blood sugar, and prevent muscle from breaking down.


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